• Our last meeting of the VARMA project will take place in Helsinki between 8-9th February 2017 with dinner at Restaurant Sunn in Helsinki on the evening of 7th February 2017.
  • May 2016, 3 day meeting to be held in Scotland hosted by James Jones and Sons Ltd combined with Woodilee Consultancy Ltd during 23rd -25th May 2016
  • October 2015, 2 day meeting to be held in France with FCBA and Selection Vosges between 20th - 22nd October
  • WoodWisdom.Net annual seminar to be held in Zurich, 14-15th September 2015
  • November 2016, 2 day meeting to be held in Germany
  • Final meeting in May/June 2017 will be held in Finland
  • The next meeting of the VARMA group will be held between the 13-14th November 2014 at the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation, IFF in  Magdeburg, Germany.
  • June 2-4th  2015. Meeting to be held in Helsinki at VTT office
    • The first meeting held by the VARMA members took place at the Technical University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) in Wildau, Berlin between 24-27th May 2014.
    • Pdf's are available on the download tab.